Values, ideas, vision

Hand in hand we are en route together as a Reformed parish with church services in German language and activities in Swiss German (various groups and events) or French (Choeur de la Madeleine).

The specificities of the Zwinglian tradition are expressed in the interpretation of the Bible, the tradition of the Lord’s Supper and the introduction to the Christian faith. The Jubilee of the Reformation offers the opportunity to discuss the various reformed interpretations.

With the ecumenical perspective and cooperation with other German-speaking communities in Geneva, such as the Lutheran community and the Catholic community of Saint-Boniface, we contribute to the colorfulness of the Reformed Church of Geneva. With the Open Church, we cultivate a culture of openness.

In addition, our language, our knowledge of institutions and parishes in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, makes it possible to provide a unique network of relationships: reception of parishioners, groups of confirmation groups and other interested persons from German-speaking Switzerland (currently 10 to 20 groups per year). Furthermore, we remain informed about renewals and restructuring of the Reformed Churches in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and can report to the EPG.

We also organize and manage the events in the Temple of Madeleine (content, interaction, exhibitions, open church, concerts, etc.) and are responsible for the use and maintenance of the temple.

Our parish is also a responsible partner in various foundations (Swiss-German Foundation, Reposa Foundation, administration of «La Cézille» holiday colony). Together with the Lutheran community, the parish is also responsible for the guest house «Petershöfli» – a guest house for both long-term stays of female students and interns from all over the world, who can rent a room here at an affordable price, as well as for short-term stays of tourist groups.

A beacon: firmly anchored and of great appeal, we are one of five parishes of the «Geneva center and left bank Rhone» region, together with the parishes of Saint-Pierre-Fusterie, Champel-Malagnou, Eaux-Vives and Arve.

Our parishioners are domiciled in the canton of Geneva as well as in neighboring France. There are about 1,000 households in our parish, and 350 people take more or less regularly part of the church services and other events. The hard core consists of 50 actively engaged persons. We have about 150 loyal donors.