Madeleine Choir

The church choir of the Swiss-German Reformed Parish of Geneva was founded more than 100 years ago at the instigation of Swiss theologian Adolf Keller, pastor of the parish from 1904 to 1909. Today, under the direction of Stanislava Nankova, this amateur choir numbers some 20 active members, including Swiss-Germans, other German speakers and Francophones from in and around Geneva.

The choral repertoire stems from Swiss-German Reformed Church music, but, true to its ecumenical spirit, the Madeleine Choir also sings Orthodox and other religious pieces as well as sacred music from the Baroque period to the 20th century.

One of the Madeleine Choir’s main functions is to sing at the church services. In addition, it gives one or two concerts per year on a special project basis, for which it is joined by other singers with links with the parish who come from all over Switzerland, as well as by newcomers who are keen to participate in the project.

The Madeleine Choir is intrinsically a bilingual choir, rooted in the German-speaking tradition and having French as a working language.

The choir’s philosophy is to promote singing in a community in a convivial atmosphere. It welcomes new members at any time.