House of Generations

In the future, church and cultural events for children, adolescents, parents, grandparents, members of the Swiss-German Reformed Church and all interested persons will take place in parallel or together.

The aim is to create a lively place with a wide range of activities, «pour tous les jours et pour tout le monde». (for every day and for everyone!)

We are convinced that such an «espace des générations» (space of generations) will be a great enrichment for our Parish as well as for the Protestant Church of Geneva (Eglise Protestante de Genève). Current programs will be extended or expanded, ideas for new activities can be jointly implemented in the planned cooperation.

Thus, in the Temple de la Madeleine the most diverse people will meet and get in touch with each other. The unique atmosphere of this temple in the center of the vibrant city can be a new point of reference for one’s life.

You can read the two documents here describing how the church of the generations will look in detail.

A temporary guest performance by the German-Swiss parish in the Auditoire: In a joint move with the Children’s Church, we see a valuable opportunity to try out our project of a generation church on virtually neutral ground. At some point – and we very much hope that this may be the case in the near future – we then have to temporarily leave our church completely in order to regain it – in a somewhat distant future – in a new condition.