Women’s group
Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort, joy of life, encounter and encouragement – we cordially invite you to join us. Women from all generations (men are also welcome …) meet for excursions, lectures, discussions, adventures. The focus is on the inspiring community and mutual exchange.

Fryticlub (Friday Club)
Monthly we enjoy together the pleasures of life. Spiritual gatherings, movies, discussions, games, and hikes are rounded off by culinary highlights. Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities and recharge your batteries!


Flower group
We experience the beauty of creation together in the flower group. Together we let ourselves be inspired and design bouquets and floral decorations for the Temple de la Madeleine.


Hiking group
Active on the road. The hiking group regularly explores the surroundings of Geneva. Together, we cross over the top of the hill and celebrate the challenging course on the peaks of the region.


Jassmeisterschaft (Swiss card game championship)
We escape the cold and dark winter months in the heated, cordial parish house. From October to March we meet seven times and let us take the good-natured friendships through the season.


The Terre Nouvelle group
… is a bridge between our parish and various church relief organizations such as HEKS / EPER, Bread for all / Pain pour le prochain. Two or three times a year, we organize a service followed by a soup-lunch, where we present various solidarity projects.