Music commission

The Music Commission consists of:

  • Anne-Catherine Lehmann, President
  • Katharina Vollmer-Mateus, pastor
  • Arthur Saunier, organist
  • Stanislava Nankova, choir conductor
  • Regina Rueger, choir president
  • Mikaëla Halvarsson
  • The Commission, in agreement with the Liturgy Commission, organizes the music for the
    solemn services of the current liturgical year. This includes 8 musical services.
  • Together with the Parish Secretariat, it co-ordinates the scheduling of concerts and the letting of
    the Madeleine Church.
  • It also organizes musical performances in collaboration with the Secretariat to support humanitarian
    or spiritual projects (e.g. MSF, or a parish project for a charitable organization, good cause, etc.)