Church music

Our music

Starting from Germany, the Reformation spread over the whole continent. Music and education were essential in the young Reformed Church. Thus, an astounding repertoire emerged within a very brief time. Even today, we are nourished by this source of high-quality chorals, cantatas, passions, and oratorios.

For a Swiss-German Reformed Church in Geneva, it is essential to bring these ancestral musical treasures to the core of our worship services. The possibilities to do so are not wanting, as we have the privilege of a beautiful organ, a choir, and to live in a canton, in which classical music is taught and cultivated, and not to forget the accompaniment of the worship services by our organist. Thus, we can perform a musical worship service eight times a year, where word and music exchange the roles, and to celebrate the regular services as well as special liturgical events such as Good Friday, Easter and Christmas with choral and/or instrumental accompaniment.
                                                                                                                                   Anne-Catherine Lehmann