Choir network

As the church choir of the Swiss-German Reformed Parish of Geneva, the Madeleine Choir has been a member of the Swiss Association of Church Singing for many years. The Madeleine Choir strives to build contacts with other choirs and parishes, both in Switzerland and beyond Swiss borders. In recent years, it has created links and friendships with:

Klosterkerkkoor, The Hague, the Netherlands
A visit to Geneva by the Dutch choir, who sang with us at our church service.




Titus Chor, Basel
Reciprocal visits by the two choirs. We sang together during worship in Geneva and Basel.


Reformed parish of Oberwil, BL
A Madeleine Choir excursion to Oberwil, where we participated in the service.

Parish of the Arve, Geneva – City centre, left bank
The Madeleine Choir sang at their service.

Espace Fusterie, Geneva
Two joint worship projects: “Cultes en vadrouille”




Madeleine Choir – an association

The church choir of the Swiss-German Reformed Parish of Geneva is set up as an association. As such, it is financed by donations. We are grateful for your support of the Madeleine Choir’s musical projects.

Bank details
Deutschschweizerischer reformierter Kirchenchor
1205 Geneva
IBAN: CH29 0900 0000 1201 0502 4
Post Finance (CCP) account number: 12-10502-4